Trancos Ventures has unparalleled expertise in intellectual property, strategic marketing, product management, data analysis, manufacturing, sales strategy, and customer implementations. We guarantee a thoughtful, experience-based strategic and operational approach to guiding startup CEOs and company leaders as they grow their companies. We have a deep understanding of how to manage risk in the niche areas of life science tools, therapeutics, cyber security, and life-sciences-related semiconductor companies.

At Trancos, we are highly collaborative, available, and engaged. We believe that small details are every bit as important as the big details and ensure that nothing will be overlooked.  We have learned that our number one key to success is backing a great, persistent management team who hire other great people.


Meet our Leadership Team


Craig Asher has many passions inside and outside the work place. But Asher’s current passion is finding great opportunities to invest in for his firm, Trancos Ventures…. His day and night revolve around making the goals for his portfolio companies into a tangible and profitable reality.

Mr. Norris was a co-founder and principal investor in Trident International, a company purchased as a division of Johnson Worldwide and then taken public on the NASDAQ. Mr. Norris served as a member of the board of directors of Trident International until its successful sale to a larger competitor. Trident’s value increased 20-fold over 5 years.

Charles R. (Chuck) Lamphere is an experienced private equity and venture capital investor and expert in complex financial structures. Chuck is President and CEO of Van Vlissingen and Co., an Illinois headquartered commercial real estate developer.

John has in excess of 30 years of experience in financial management, investment analysis, and multi-tiered business operations. His experience includes financial modeling and analysis, forecasting, tax structuring, budgeting, investor due diligence and compliance, and equity and debt fundraising.


Senior Adviser

Executive Assistant

Chrissie Gangi brings over 20 years of experience as an Executive Assistant to Trancos. She supports our senior management by providing administrative duties, database management and is responsible for Investor Correspondence and Document Retention.

Director of Operations

M.S.T. DePaul University CFP®